Xanthelasma And Heart Disease

Xanthelasma And Heart Disease BUY XANTHEL Cardiovascular Disease and Presentation of Xanthelasma.  What is the relationship between Xanthelasma and heart disease? First, let’s look at the meaning of Xanthelasma. Xanthelasma is a skin disease involving the collection of yellow fatty cholesterol deposited around the eyelids. When examined in the laboratory, it was discovered that the …

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Xanthelasma And High Cholesterol

Xanthelasma And High Cholesterol BUY XANTHEL ® High Cholesterol Levels & Xanthelasma  The word “Xanthos” that precedes Xanthelasma is the Greek word for “yellow.” An individual is said to have Xanthelasma if he/she has yellow-colored fatty materials deposited under the skin. The yellow deposits are contained in macrophages that have become bloated due to excess ingestion …

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