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Xanthelasma And Heart Disease

Heart Disease and Presentation of Xanthelasma. 

What is the relationship between Xanthelasma and heart disease? First, let’s look at the meaning of Xanthelasma. Xanthelasma is a skin disease involving the collection of yellow fatty cholesterol deposited around the eyelids.

When examined in the laboratory, it was discovered that the Xanthelasma is made up of macrophages that have taken up fat cells or cholesterol and have become transformed into foam cells. According to scientists, Xanthelasma and heart disease are strongly linked together.

Which means this skin condition has a strong link to various forms of heart diseases, some of which are Myocardial Infarction and Ischemic Heart Disease. It has also been noticed that adjustment for traditional cardiovascular risk factors does not ameliorate the cardiovascular risk factors involved in the condition.

Scientists found a relationship between Xanthelasma and heart disease. They discovered that the formation of cholesterol in arteries leading to cardiac problem follows the same process as the formation of Xanthelasma under the eyelid, which further confirms the possibility of Xanthelasma leading to cardiac diseases.

How Does Xanthelasma Lead To Heart Disease? 

The link between Xanthelasma and heart disease, for one, is the accumulation of cholesterol associated with the skin condition which usually occurs along blood vessels.

This leads to a condition referred to as atherosclerosis, causing atherosclerotic disease. Such diseases will reduce the quantity of blood flowing through the body. And the heart may have to pump harder to get more blood across these areas where the diameter of the blood vessel has been reduced.

This excess work by the heart can lead to several cardiac problems, like left ventricular hypertrophy. The atherosclerotic occlusion can also detach to form an embolus. The embolus can block blood vessels leading to various organs in the body, including the heart.

The amount of blood available for pumping in the heart reduces and coronary blood supply too may be hampered in the process, necrosis may occur, and cardiac failure will be unavoidable.

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