If you see little yellow bumps around your eyes, especially between the  junction of the eyelid and the nose, you may have the beginnings of  Xanthelasma plaques, also known as Cholesterol deposits under the eyes.

A large number of recent research papers and studies have revealed that  cholesterol is broken down in the blood vessels throughout time.

This causes cholesterol to come into touch with the dermis, resulting in  a larger ‘area’ under the eye that is really engorged with cholesterol.

This might be attributed to a variety of factors including the plaque’s  age, the client’s age, blood cholesterol levels, and the amount of  cholesterol in the blood stream.

Deposits of Cholesterol Under the Eyes It can spread throughout the entire eye, including the eyelids and  even the corners of the eyes, and it commonly grows symmetrically in  both eyes, earning it the medical term bilateral Xanthelasma

Cholesterol deposits behind the eyes can occur in anybody, although they  are more prevalent in the elderly and are usually observed in people  with extremely high cholesterol.

Xanthel ® has been developed to selectively target and eradicate cholesterol accumulation with a single treatment.

Remove Them Easily

Remove Them Easily

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