Cryotherapy is making use of freezing gases, in the hope of  destroying the cholesterol cells which are the main ingredients of  Xanthelasma.

The problematic issue with cryotherapy frostbite method, is that there  is no accuracy with this treatment, so the technical aspect of the gas,  in its uncontrollable state makes this not a viable candidate for trying  Xanthelasma Removal.

any clients consider this treatment since it is not connected with being  too painful, even if there is tissue destruction or loss, but in most ,  but a seldom few cases, it has a very high relapse rate.

The client keeps having to have ongoing treatments to keep ablating the newly  created xanthelasma, that have occurred from the past treatment. The  futile nature of this treatment starts to be such that people will avoid  this method.

Xanthelasma And Cryotherapy Erythema, which occurs after Cryotherapy treatments, disappears rapidly and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is unusual.

If Cryotherapy intervention is not your thing, then Xanthel ® is your best professional option.

One treatment and it will remove your Xanthelasma and stop any regrowth.  It doesn’t leave a scar, as cryotherapy does and is easy to use in the  comfort of your own home.

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