Are You Suffering From Mild Xanthelasma Mild Xanthelasma is a small yellow deposit of cholesterol on the  skin, usually under the eyelids, which in some situations can result in  an inflamed red eyelid.

Mild Xanthelasma is the name given to Xanthelasma Palpebrarum when the skin condition is not yet protruding and causing a bump on the skin but is none the less visual in its makeup.

Mild Xanthelasma is clinically identified by these small yellow markings. The most typical site of the yellow plaques is the inner medial canthus (which can also be called outer medial or outer canthons or yellow-skinned xanthos).

Xanthomas (xanthelasma) are related to a variety of skin diseases, such  as ulcerative colorectal cancer, rarely but on occasions skin cancer and  hyper-lipodemia, to name but a few.

The root cause is lipid disorder  forms the mild xanthelasma, but the root causes of the lip dis-function  can be the result of a plethora of medical conditions, both common and  rare in nature.

Medically, they are mild xanthelasma nodules and have a soft consistency that can be semi-firm or tough.

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Mild Xanthelasma Removal

Mild Xanthelasma Removal

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