The depositing of cholesterol laden cells within the dermal layers in  vulnerable points in the skin is called xanthomas. When they gather and  appear around your eyes they are known as periorbital Xanthelasma.

They will appear on both the top and bottom of your eyelid as this skin is a lot weaker therefore your body expresses the cholesterol cells here and they form into large clumps.

These large clumps will not really break out of the skin as the pressure  behind them is inadequate to breech the very top layer of your skin,  but instead like water, they will discover the point of least resistance  and from there continue to grow

They ought to never be left to get this far and ought to be treated well  before this occurs. If left to get out of hand you will have to have xanthelasma Surgery if they get to the point of affecting your vision.

Treat them when they are small

Treat them when they are small

Although the exact pathogenic system is not completely comprehended,  cutaneous xanthelasma is a fibroproliferative connective tissue  connected with lipid-laden histiocytes, also called foam cells.

If the individual with the periorbital xanthelasma wants to remove the plaques, then Xanthel ® is specifically developed to target the cholesterol cells in the area

removing the plaques with just a single treatment and stopping any  regrowth. Recommended by doctors around the globe, no one has to live  with the visual burden of xanthelasma plaques anymore.