What Are Skin Xanthelasma ? Skin Xanthelasma can appear anywhere, however one of the most acknowledged locations for it to appear is near or on the eyelids.

It’s not that this is the only kind of skin xanthelasma, however with it being on the face it is a lot more visual in nature.

We have various types of cholesterol running around our bodies in any given day. There are good and bad cholesterols.

Both have and underlying function in the running of our body, but the  excess of bad cholesterols will cause a lipid protein disorder, if left  to go uncontrolled

Skin xanthelasma are a common result of too much bad cholesterol in the blood stream.

Skin Xanthelasma are yellowish papules or plaques caused by the deposit of lipids in the eyelids.

Easy  to use and formulated to stop any regrowth of your skin xanthelasma.  Gentle and clinically effective, professional results with Xanthel ®.

Xanthel ®

Xanthel ®

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