Understanding What Is Xanthelasma Of Eyelid? Eyelid Xanthelasma are yellow-colored growths, with the ‘plaques’ being called Xanthelasma, pronounced (zan-the-laz mah).

It typically establishes symmetrically in  between the eyes and tends to form to look like a yellow-colored,  sagging eyelid, if big and on your eyelids, typically white or yellow-colored in colour.

It rarely impacts vision or eye movement,  but can trigger drooping eyelids and eye inflammation, if the skin disorder is left to get out of hand.

This condition, called Xanthelasma palpebrarum (XP), can trigger you to seem like you have an additional layer of skin  on the upper eyelid or perhaps a layer on the skin of the lower eyelids.

These bumps are really cholesterol deposits, which could be a sign that your health is at risk.

For that reason, it is an excellent idea to  have a medical examination by a doctor or dermatologist. It is not  hazardous, benign in nature, but in rare cases it can be an indicator of  possible heart disease.

Xanthel ®, a dedicated xanthelasma removal cream is the best way to remove them and also Xanthel ® stops them from returning.

How to easily remove them ?

How to easily remove them ?

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