Xanthelasma is a skin condition that is part of the Xanthoma medical classification.  It starts a small yellow lump around the eyelids

It is when lipid protein cells cluster together within the dermis.

Cholesterol Cells

Cholesterol Cells

They can be a sign of other health conditions that you were not aware of, such as heart disease and early signs of the dangers from a stroke.

We always suggest you get blood tests done by your doctor to just make sure that the xanthelasma is not a secondary condition from a more serious health concern.

They are small to start with, but will start to grow bigger over time.  Unless the underlying cause is not identifed for why you have xanthelasma, they will keep growing bigger and bigger.


As cholesterol levels are a common reason for why you have xanthelasma, nature remedies for cholesterol reduction will help to slow the plaques growth down.

But even once under control, the xanthelasma plaque will still be there

Thats why the easiest way to remove you xanthelasma and stop them from coming back is with Xanthel ®, Xanthelasma Removal Cream

Xanthel ®

Xanthel ®

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