Xanthelasma Cryotherapy, Will It Work To Remove Xanthelasma ? If you have xanthelasma, please consult your doctor to check your fat levels, high blood pressure and blood glucose levels.

Cryotherapy, frequently called freezing, is sometimes a suggested  technique, but it is dangerous if the lesion is too near the eye, which  in the case of Xanthelasma, it always is.

As another negative effect with treating any form of Xanthoma with cryotherapy, scars may stay after removal and excessive discoloration of the skin occur.

After an appearance of xanthelasma, your  doctor may suggest the most appropriate treatment for your condition,  typically dependent of size.

Physicians just typically will suggest  treatment if there is a deformity of the eyelid to the degree that it  hinders the individual’s vision.

The underlying undesirable visual problems brought on by Xanthelasma are not attended to by the medical community.

This is why Xanthel ®, xanthelasma removal cream, is frequently recommended, due to the easy usage in removal of Xanthelasma if you wish to remove them, before they end up being a problem

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