Xanthelasma Pictures And Images If you see a yellow spot around your eyes, it is commonly a warning sign for your health.

Many people and people don’t know that this little bump is medically called xanthelasma and can trigger major health problems and likewise be a signal of health problems you didn’t even know you were suffering from.

This yellow bump is in fact a cholesterol laden plaque known as  Xanthelasma, which could be a sign that your health is at threat.

Lots of research studies and research have revealed that cholesterol is broken down in time in blood vessels.

This triggers cholesterol to meet the skin and triggers an increased  raised spot on the skin surface area, normally around the eyes, as the  skin here is much thinner and easier for the xanthelasma to infest.

If the Xanthelasma plaques aesthetically dis-please you, then use Xanthel ®,

Xanthel ®, its simple to use, affordable and simply one treatment will eliminate  them and even much better, it will keep them away for good.

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