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Xanthelasma removal cream

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Xanthelasma treatment and removal is made easy with Xanthel cream. Made to be easy and pain free, without leaving scars, Xanthel gives you the ability to remove your plaques from home, fast. Just one application is all that’s needed to be Xanthelasma free.

After using our Xanthelasma removal kit, it’s easy to see why we are becoming the best professional option for treatment and removal, stopping regrowth in its tracks. Used by the general public and medical professionals alike, Xanthel is the easiest and best solution to removing your plaques for ever.


Xanthel works with all skin tones.

skin tone


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Dimensions 10 × 5 × 10 cm

16 reviews for Xanthel

  1. Maria Neilson

    Xanthel is a great product and gives results! Its easy to use and there were no side effects. Without any doubts in my mind, the best product available online to deal with Xanthelasma.

  2. K Jamison

    Love it, It worked great !!!

  3. Katherine Birgit

    It worked really fine for me. Xanthel worked very quick for me and I got rid of Xanthelasma completely. Thumbs up guys!

  4. Kenneth Ewers

    This stuff works fantastic. Waited to leave a review as I feel that this would help the next possible client. Just buy it, it works. A doctor recommended it to me and i must admit, it worked a lot easier then i anticipated. Put it on the plaques and let them heal. When the skin was healed, they were gone. so with out a doubt, true to their word. This is THE xanthelasma remover. Cant recommend you guys enough !!

  5. Tony Dafova

    Your Xanthelasma removal cream is great. Happy to leave a review, as I was getting on going treatment for my plaques at a cost of $200 dollars at a time. Tried Xanthel once and have to agree, yours is THE best treatment for Xanthelasma.

  6. A Fortuin

    I’ve tried various treatments and finally found one that works. Your product is great and I was surprised how easy it was to use.

  7. Jenay Grace

    This cream was very easy to apply and just one time use helped me treat my xanthelasma effectively. Very economical solution indeed.

  8. Tyra Kaye

    I tried all the natural treatments that some people suggest and then the doctor suggested Xanthel. He was right, it worked.

  9. Susan Fields

    I have been waiting a while before I leave this review to see if my Xanthelasma returned. Its been 4 months now and I feel confident to say my Xanthelasma has gone. Many thanks on an honest and professional product.

  10. Leo Sutton

    Glad I found your website and especially glad I found Xanthel. I just applied it once and they haven’t returned, so 5 stars from me.

  11. Seth Warren

    Recommended by a medical colleague of mine. Xanthelasma can be a surgical option, but glad I was told about Xanthel. Very professional and removed them very fast. A modern solution to Xanthelasma.

  12. Nadine J

    I must admit. Used this and it worked. A lot better than messing about with garlic, which i got recommended. Sometime its about just paying and being happy with the results. It said its a xanthelasma remover and true to its work, its removed my xanthelasma. Five stars

  13. L Bieri

    I was looking at an expensive surgery bill, but now my plaques have gone and i’m glad I found your Xanthelasma removal cream. I have no problem leaving a review, because you’ve made a difficult skin condition, easy to remove.

  14. Mathis.P

    Very nice and friendly support staff!! Xanthelasma removal cream was delivered on time and gave me results even better than my expectations.

  15. Flora Nicolai

    The kit arrived fast and was very easy to use. Applied it once and left it to heal. After it had healed, there were no plaques. Did a great job. For the price and the whole process, it was easy and worked great.

  16. Dannielle Weedall

    Good afternoon,
    I just wanted to say a big Thank you for your treatment.
    I am so happy with my results, I don’t think my xanthelasma where that big however it’s was enough that I got annoyed with them.
    I have attached a few photos for your view. But the last photo is the final results as it’s has been 3 mths since treatment and couldn’t be any happier.
    Will be highly be recommending your treatment to my Friends
    Kind regards
    Dannielle Weedall

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