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Exploring Your Options On Xanthelasma Home Removal

If you have come across this article, then you’re going to find the best solution to xanthelasma home removal.  Just a quick note on actually what xanthelasma is.  They are commonly formed as a secondary skin condition of a lipid disorder.  The lipid disorder being raised from excess bad cholesterol levels in the body.  They will get bigger, if not taken care of and in some cases can need surgical intervention, especially when they start to distort the view of the individual with them.

Exploring How To Achieve Successful Xanthelasma Home Removal.

Let’s go through the pros and cons of various possible suggestions to xanthelasma home removal.  It’s understandable why you’re after this information, as xanthelasma can be very visual and for some people, having xanthelasma is a very distressful experience.

Not so much in that they are painful, as unless they are starting to chronically distort the eyelid area, 99 percent of people with them find there is no pain associated with them, no, the issue is the visual implications of them.

Being literally right on your eyelids, the central core visual of the face, when you’ve got big yellow lumps and bumps distorting your eyelids, its easy why people choose to try and remove xanthelasma at home.

Ongoing we will cover some of the possible varying ways for xanthelasma home removal and will start with if this can be done with a natural remedy.

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Natural Remedies For Xanthelasma Home Removal

There are only two real natural suggested possibilities for xanthelasma home removal, garlic and castor oil, first lets cover garlic.

Garlic taken as a supplement form, does have some benefits regarding xanthelasma.  The main aspect being in the ability natural garlic has, in overtime, controlling your cholesterol levels.  Anything that controls your cholesterol levels is a bonus, as xanthelasma is formed from cholesterol engorged skin cells.  That where they get their yellow colour from.  Okay, so garlic supplements will not remove your xanthelasma, but in the comfort of your home, they will stop the spread of the xanthelasma plaques.

Due to the mild acidic nature of raw garlic, some people feel that pressing on raw garlic could, over time, wear through the skin layers and get deep enough down where they start to have an impact on burning away the xanthelasma.  Sorry to say but wearing your skin layers off opens you up to a plethora of other issue, namely infections etc and although the xanthelasma looks like it is only on the surface of the skin, this is the cusp of the lump and the xanthelasma is a lot deeper than is first thought.

The cholesterol that is seeping into the area comes from a ‘root’ which is fed off your blood stream.  In other words, it’s a lot deeper than you think and melting off your skin to try and get rid of your xanthelasma will be in vain and could possibly make matters a lot worse.

Castor oil is the same, use it to control your cholesterol levels and in turn this will slow down the spread of the xanthelasma.  The thing to be aware of it that castor oil has a higher soak aspect with regards to skin and it also contains triglycerides which can be one the components that make up xanthelasma plaques.  So don’t over do it, use the natural ability of castor oil to control the plaques.  Slowing or even stopping the spread of the xanthelasma plaques at least puts you in a position to stop the stress of the plaques taking over all of your eyelids.

xanthelasma removal at home

Homeopathic Remedies For Xanthelasma Home removal

We do not want to get your hopes up that there is a solution in xanthelasma home removal to be found in homeopathic remedies.  There is not, but at the natural xanthelasma treatments suggest, the use of homeopathic remedies for xanthelasma will hopefully slow the spread of your xanthelasma plaques by controlling and reducing your cholesterol levels, one of the key factors in the spread of xanthelasma.

We have an article dedicated to more in depth look into xanthelasma homeopathic treatments, so if that appeals, then follow this link – Homeopathic xanthelasma remedies.

The article explores more into explaining homeopathy and xanthelasma.

As a very quick over view:

  • Baryta Muriatica

Is used in a homeopathic manner to slowly remove plaque from the arterial walls and so in turn will hopefully in time treat the area in the blood vessels which is ‘feeding’ the xanthelasma plaques.

  • Allium Sativa

Used commonly by people with large BMI and it helps in controlling the spikes in the sugar intake of the client.  A possible aid in controlling glycolic spiking.

  • Fet Tauri

Commonly used as a remedy for breaking down fats in the body over time.  The thought process behind it being that it will convert some of the bad LDL proteins which cause Xanthelasma, to form to more neutral fats and proteins.

  • Cholesterinum.

Used for the reduction of cholesterol levels.  Whilst it will never be a replacement for statins, it will very slowly reduce the cholesterol levels in the individual, which in turn should slow down the development and expansion of the cholesterol engorged skin cells, which form xanthelasma.

xanthelasma treatment at home

Plasma Pen For Xanthelasma Home removal

Buying a cheap plasma pen, or even an expensive one from the internet for xanthelasma removal at home is one of the crazy suggestions that the internet has to offer when it comes to treating xanthelasma.  Firing an electrical spark at the surface of your xanthelasma will do a couple of things.  First it will cause some severe pain. 

We have all had a little jolt of electric at some time in your life, now imagine that being done to the delicate area of the eyelid.  It doesn’t even treat the plaque but solely the very small area where the spark makes contact, burning the skin and vaporizing the skin cell walls.  This in turn, as the area heals, creates even more xanthelasma plaques, that are even harder to remove.  If that wasn’t enough to put you off the idea, the skin cells will conduct the electrical spark which will then travel down through the skin levels, causing excruciating pain. 

One spark gets in your eye itself and this will mean you have now got to also deal with a burnt eye, which means possible infection etc.  Please, this is not in anyways a gentle or even good way to try and achieve xanthelasma home removal.

You’ll go through a lot of pain and cause more damage than its worth however delicate you try and be.  You will not be able to control an electrical spark, which let’s be honest is common sense, really.

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Tca Acid For Xanthelasma Home removal

If some one said put industrial acid on your skin, would you ?  In the deep dark depths of the internet, some bright spark suggested using TCA, which is an industrial acid to try and burn off xanthelasma at home.  It goes without saying, that an industrial acid in any strength is uncontrollable.  It doesn’t work solely with the cholesterol engorged cells, but just melts anything you place it on. 

Melting your eyelid skin off, which it beggars’ belief to have to say it, is a bad idea. 

The liquidation of the skin cells will melt the cholesterol into healthy melted cells as well.  Therefore, the very rare people who have attempted this have found that their xanthelasma has come back with a vengeance.  Add to that, the pain they suffered to get to that point and the dangers they put both their vision and them in, they then found that they had bright white scar tissue in the place where they were trying to subtly remove and the xanthelasma formed on the surrounding area, but this time, deeper and thus a lot harder to remove. 

Don’t use tca to remove xanthelasma, it’s an industrial acid and if it can remove paint and the likes, it can surely remove most of your eyelid as well.


Pecking it off, Will This Work For Xanthelasma Home Removal

There is no way to peck off xanthelasma, same as there is no xanthelasma tool.  Whilst some unscrupulous people will try and sell you a xanthelasma removal tool, a sharp pointed instrument is in no way going to remove anything except you from your money.  As previously described, xanthelasma goes a lot deeper than what you see and whilst it may look like it is at the surface of your skin, it goes through multiple dermal layers, being fed by a ‘root’ which in turn is ingrained within a vein. 

So unless you have decide to try and gouge out most of your dermal layers, going all the way through your eyelid, then pecking it off will do nothing more than cause scar tissue in the area. 

As the ‘root’ has in no way been treated, then this will keep engorging the area in cholesterol and because it cant take the easiest route, which is to the surface of the skin, it will find the scar tissue laden skin is too tough to breakthrough and so will start to move sideways through the stratum of the skin layers, which is called planar Xanthoma, which are even harder, if not, depending on the depth, impossible to remove.


What Is The Best Xanthelasma Home Removal Technique?

Taking on board what we have discussed above, this is why our team of dermatologists formulated a treatment for xanthelasma that you can easily do at home, that is simple, pain free, gentle and just works with one easy application.

No excessive pain, or chances of making matters worse, our xanthelasma home removal cream, is formulated to cover all aspects of removing your xanthelasma, leaving no scar and stopping your xanthelasma from coming back, with just one easy treatment.  When it comes to xanthelasma home removal, use Xanthel ®, the professional treatment for xanthelasma removal at home.

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