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Xanthelasma Cryotherapy

Xanthelasma Cryotherapy, Will It Work To Remove Xanthelasma ?

If you have xanthelasma, please consult your doctor to check your fat levels, high blood pressure and blood glucose levels.

Cryotherapy, frequently called freezing, is sometimes a suggested technique, but it is dangerous if the lesion is too near the eye, which in the case of Xanthelasma, it always is. As another negative effect with treating any form of Xanthoma with cryotherapy, scars may stay after removal and excessive discoloration of the skin occur.

xanthelasma cryo therapy

After an appearance of xanthelasma, your doctor may suggest the most appropriate treatment for your condition, typically dependent of size. Physicians just typically will suggest treatment if there is a deformity of the eyelid to the degree that it hinders the individual’s vision. The underlying undesirable visual problems brought on by Xanthelasma are not attended to by the medical community.

This is why Xanthel ®, xanthelasma removal cream, is frequently recommended, due to the easy usage in removal of Xanthelasma if you wish to remove them, before they end up being a problem that can just be dealt with by surgical intervention.

xanthelasma cryo therapy

Xanthelasma Cryotherapy Treatment.

Cryotherapy for Xanthelasma treatment carries a threat of scarring and can take a week or 2 to recover after treatment. As soon as the skin heals, the healthy new skin cells remain with an intermittent scattering of cholesterol deposits infused into them, hence the continual regrowth of the plaques from this treatment.

The fundamental threat of unmanageable frost bite (which is what is required to have an effect on Xanthelasma), is where the true dangers of the treatment are.

xanthelasma cryo therapy

Xanthelasma and Cryotherapy Problems

The issues lie with the uncontrollable nature of the treatment.  The skin cells are broken down instantly with the mechanism of frostbite, but this also includes the healthy skin cells which are next to the Xanthelasma.  As before treatment the skin cells walls have contained the cholesterol, once all the skin cell walls have been destroyed, then as the area heals, the surrounding tissue becomes hybridized with cholesterol becoming infused now into the old healthy cells. 

This in turn produces even more xanthelasma.  Add the skin discolouration and the never-ending treatments needed to facilitate the treatment of the xanthelasma with this technique, its simply not viable and makes matters even worse.

xanthelasma cryo therapy

Cryosurgery can be useful to deal with other common skin problem such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and other picked cases, where the sporadic nature of the treatment is not aimed at such a small area, but this needs to be done by the most skilled cryosurgeons and their biopsies need to be carried out prior to cryosurgery to confirm the medical diagnosis histologically.

xanthelasma cryo therapy

Xanthelasma Therapy

Numerous techniques have been suggested to deal with XP, including cryosurgery, phototherapy, eye surgical treatment, laser therapy and photodynamic therapy. But all these techniques never eliminate the plaques, and the recurrence rate of return is over 95%.

It is easy to see why the dedicated Xanthelasma treatment cream, Xanthel ®, is now used around the globe to deal with and eliminate Xanthelasma. The problems of the Xanthelasma coming back, which is so common with Cryotherapy is offset, with Xanthel ® keeping the xanthelasma gone for good.

Effective Results

Just one application is need in most cases to remove your xanthelasma and xanthomas for good.

Simple to Use

Easy to use and formulated to stop any regrowth of your xanthelasma. Gentle and clinically effective, professional results with Xanthel ®.

Xanthel ®