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Xanthel ®

Xanthelasma Removal Cream 


Results of Xanthel ® Removal Cream

A visual step-by-step method to eradicating Xanthelasma using Xanthel ®.

Xanthel was developed in response to a desire for a Xanthelasma removal cream that is both effective and less intrusive. Many alternative Xanthelasma plaque treatments are either ineffective or excessively aggressive.

Following the failure of natural therapies for Xanthelasma and the plethora of issues that can come from some ‘modern’ alternative treatments, it became clear to us that there needed to be a simpler and easier solution for Xanthelasma and external Xanthoma eradication.

Xanthel ® was created primarily to eradicate xanthelasma and cholesterol spot plaques. We already have a section on the treatments before and after client cases, and here is a picture shoot of the entire procedure.

Let us walk you through the steps.

A medical practitioner suggested that one of our clients have her xanthelasma plaques removed, which had been bothering her for a long period. She had tried several treatments with little result, so she decided to film the removal of her Xanthelasma using Xanthel ®.

The fantastic results with Xanthel ® are shown below;


xanthoma eye cream


^ Prior to using Xanthel ® for the first time. ^

Two xanthelasma plaques, one on either side of her upper eyelids. Long-term and deeply entrenched. Other therapies explored included natural remedies, but nothing helped eradicate them; in fact, one of the prior treatments, as we can see, has encouraged scar tissue on the right side.


xanthelasma eye cream


^ Immediately following the use of Xanthel / Day 1 ^


You can plainly see where the Xanthel ® has been administered while using our safe and mild treatment. The simple application guidance makes it a snap, and as you can see, there are no teary eyes signalling agony. The effect to the cholesterol-laden cells is immediately apparent. There is no visible swelling, and the entire procedure took less than 2 minutes.

You only need to use Xanthel ® ONCE to achieve great results.


xanthomas eye cream

^  Day 2  ^

Already, the affected region is beginning to heal. The affected region is already mending. In this client’s situation, the redness, which barely lasted a day, was caused by previous treatments. The sooner the region heals, the faster the body restores the skin to its natural condition.

Given that the client’s xanthelasma was deeply embedded and damaged by previous natural therapies that encouraged scar tissue, you can observe that the Xanthelasma cells have already been greatly decreased in both regions where the plaques were. Since the beginning of therapy, the customer has been applying an anti-bacterial cream twice daily.


xanthelasma cream


^ Day 4 ^


As can be seen on day 4, the redness in the region has already faded (most clients only have a day of redness). The xanthelasma plaques have already vanished, and the skin underneath the xanthelasma is recovering beautifully. There are no symptoms of hypopigmentation, and the skin around the xanthelasma is reverting to its original pre-xanthelasma condition.


xanthomas cream


^ DAY 6 ^


A great close-up for day 6 shows that there is no scabbing in the region and that, because to the rapid advancement of the healing process, the skin is now just repairing on the surface as the underlying dermis, where the xanthelasma was rooted, has already healed neatly. There is a small degree of redness in the region, suggesting that the client is reaching the finish of the Xanthel treatment’s healing stage.


xanthomas cream

^ Day 8 ^

This full-face photo illustrates the client’s results on day 8. The redness in the region has finally gone away. There is a hint of pinkness on day 8  and this will vanish.There are no crinkle lines on the treatment area or on the treatment area’s margins, indicating that the client will have scar tissue.
She will be scar-free and xanthelasma-free. The skin around the affected region has returned to its previous condition. The skin is smooth and back to how it was before she had xanthelasma plaques.


xanthelasma removal cream


^ Day 10 – Right Eye ^


On day 10, we get a look at both sides of the treated surfaces. The skin tone of the right eye is returning to normal, and the faint pinkness in the region has almost completely vanished. The surface has smoothed out and restored to its previous condition.


xanthoma removal cream

^  Day 10 / Left Eye  ^

On day 10, you would never have guessed that the client had xanthelasma in the region, or that she had scar tissue from prior natural treatments. The xanthelasma-induced deformation of the eyelid crease has resolved, and the eyelid has restored to its original condition.


xanthomas removal cream


^ Day 11 ^


Day 11 provides us with a very clear face view, with the eyelids elevated, allowing us to see the treatment’s results. The xanthelasma has totally disappeared, the skin has reverted to normal, and there are no symptoms of hyper or hypopigmentation. The client’s skin is smooth and natural in appearance. Any evidence that the client had deep-rooted xanthelasma plaques has vanished. There is no longer any eyelid deformation. Because Xanthel has no effect on melamine levels in the skin, the region will be the same colour after two days.


The procedure is quick and produces visible effects.


It’s no surprise that we’re quickly becoming one of the most recommended treatments for Xanthelasma by physicians and experts all around the world. With our positive attitude to customer assistance and years of expertise in the Xanthelasma removal sector, we take pleasure in ensuring that our clients have the finest results at the most inexpensive price, no matter where they are in the globe.

Xanthel is THE contemporary treatment for xanthelasma and xanthoma plaques. All the current customer really needs is a device that simply works to remove their plaques. As a result, Xanthel has been evaluated and developed to be the professional choice for simple, one-application Xanthelasma eradication at home.


Xanthel, the easy solution to removing Xanthelasma and Xanthoma

Xanthel, the modern, easy to apply treatment for Xanthelasma and Xanthoma is easy to use and specifically formulated to be gentle on your skin.



Xanthel ® is designed to remove plaques softly and quickly, and it is the most effective at preventing them from reappearing.

There’s a reason you’re in good hands with us; we manufacture a solution designed exclusively to remove Xanthelasma, providing you with a simple, safe, and gentle approach to remove your Xanthelasma.

It comes with a money-back guarantee to ensure that you’re getting the best Xanthelasma therapy. With our quick delivery and knowledge, as well as our after-sales assistance, you may be rid of Xanthelasma sooner and simpler than you think.

With our sales staff on standby, now is the moment to finally get rid of your Xanthelasma plaques for good.


xanthelasma home removal cream


Our Mission Statement –

Secure –

Our simple application method and easy-to-follow guidance will ensure that you enjoy a safe and simple treatment. There is no mess or downtime; simply apply and your Xanthelasma plaques will shrivel away over the following three days.



Made in the European Union in accordance with ISO cosmetic quality criteria. Xanthel ® is a quality product since it is manufactured to the highest standards using only the best FDA-approved ingredients.

To You –


Xanthel ® is compatible with all Fitzpatrick skin tone charts. Our removal lotion is effective across all skin tone ranges, from skin tone 1 (white) to skin tone 6 (black), offering gentle and rapid results every time.

Free Shipping –


We hope to get your Xanthel ® cream through the postal system within 8 days after placing your purchase. Signed and tracked anywhere in the globe.

Experiential Learning –


Our team consists of dermatological and cosmetology professionals with years of expertise dealing with the consequences of Xanthelasma and treating and eradicating it. Send us clear, well-lit close-up images of your skin problem, even if you only want some advise on confirming that you have Xanthelasma around your eyes, and we will assist you in finding the correct therapy for it.

After-sales service –

If you have any concerns about how to use your Xanthel ®, please contact us and we will, as always, do our best to provide you with all the assistance you require.


There’s a reason you’re in good hands with us; we manufacture a solution designed exclusively to remove Xanthelasma, providing you with a simple, safe, and gentle approach to remove your Xanthelasma and external Xanthoma.

It comes with a money-back guarantee* to ensure that you’re getting the finest Xanthelasma therapy possible.

With our quick delivery systems and expert knowledge, as well as our after-sales assistance, you may be rid of Xanthelasma sooner and simpler than you think. With our sales staff on standby, now is the moment to finally get rid of your Xanthelasma and Xanthoma plaques for good.


Lightning Fast

Just one application is need in most cases to remove your xanthelasma and xanthomas once and for all.

Easy to Use

Easy to use and formulated to stop any regrowth of your xanthelasma or xanthomas. Gentle and clinically effective, professional results with Xanthel ®.

Xanthel ®