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Xanthelasma And Diabetes

The Connection Between Xanthelasma and Diabetes. 

There is a strong link between Xanthelasma and diabetes. Diabetes is a very popular condition that affects every part of the human body, including the skin.

It involves an inability to metabolize glucose, which culminates to excess glucose in the body. Such excess glucose affects the breaking down of other macromolecule and nutrients in the body.

It can also affect food absorption and metabolism. One of the molecules affected by diabetes is cholesterol. Diabetes hampers cholesterol metabolism and storage. This will lead to excess accumulation of cholesterol in the body and the blood vessels.

Macrophages will be accumulated in the blood stream, and they will be impregnated with cholesterol. The scavenged cholesterol is then deposited as Xanthelasma around the eyes.


The presentation of diabetes and xanthelasma has a documented connection. Diabetic clients have a stronger chance of suffering from Xanthelasma, due to the diabetes affecting the LDL levels. Both side by side auto immune diseases. 

The likely hood of a diabetic patient exhibiting xanthelasma as a by product of diabetes is more enhanced than the natural statistic of the general public as a whole.

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Research conducted in a hospital in India gave a very strong indication of a link between Xanthelasma and diabetes. In the research, several patients suffering from both diabetes mellitus Type 1 and Type 2 were assessed for Xanthelasma and series of other skin problems. The results showed that up to 84% of the patients assessed have various skin conditions including Xanthelasma, which gives a very strong indication that there is a link between Xanthelasma and diabetes.

Among the various skin conditions assessed, Xanthelasma turned out to be the most prominent. Another skin condition noticed aside from Xanthelasma was diabetic dermopathy. Acanthosis Nigricans was also noticed.

Diabetic patients tend to sweat more than others. The sweating aspect of the ailment has also been noticed to contribute a great deal to the occurrence of Xanthelasma around the eyes. The sweating also increases the risk of infection, which can culminate to other health conditions, such as heart disease and worsen the already unpalatable diabetic condition.


Individuals suffering from excess sugar are unable to convert fat to glucose via a condition known as gluconeogenesis, which involves the de-novo synthesis of glucose from other sources than carbohydrate. This leads to the accumulation of fat in the body. Such fat, when accumulated, can store in various parts of the human body, including the normal and abnormal areas.

They also accumulate in the blood vessel and can line the arteries, leading to atherosclerosis, and it further links Xanthelasma and diabetes. The accumulated fats are recognized as foreign bodies, leading to the release of macrophages to capture and “arrest” them.

Macrophagesare one of the “soldiers” of the body. Once captured, they digest the fat to rid the body of the excess fat/foreign agent. However, the fat accumulated by the macrophages becomes excessive, and the macrophages find it difficult to digest the fat.

The disoriented and dysfunctional macrophages then accumulate in different parts of the body, especially around the eyelid, appearing as Xanthelasma. The description above gives a very strong link between Xanthelasma or Xanthomas and diabetes.

When any individual has Xanthelasma, health caregivers and relatives should not only think of a dermatologist; they should especially, think of other specialties. Research conducted over the years has also indicated a strong link between Xanthelasma and cardiac diseases.

Xanthelasma comes up during the early stage of diabetes mellitus, and it can give health caregiver an opportunity to reverse the condition before it advances.

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