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Xanthelasma Removal At Home

Is It Possible To Remove Xanthelasma At Home ?


Xanthelasma Removal At Home Is Easy, You Just Need To Know The Right Way To Remove Them.


Before we get started, let’s clarify exactly what xanthelasma is. They often develop as a side effect of a lipid disorder on the skin They can appear in various places on the body and are classified varyingly as Xanthomas and sub classifications of Xanthomas. When they manifest aroind the eyes, on your eyelids, they are called xanthelasma.  We have a large collection of images of xanthelasma and xanthomas on this site.

If your suffering from Xanthelasma, you have a disorder with your lipid profile which in turn is creating the xanthelasma, because the body has too much harmful cholesterol in the blood.

In certain circumstances, surgical intervention may be necessary, especially if they begin to affect the vision of the person with them. Whilst they can appear harmless at the start, (the best time to treat them), they will continue to grow unless the reasoning for the lipid disorder is taken under control.


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Xanthelasma Removal At Home, The Right Way.


Let’ us look at the advantages and disadvantages of various xanthelasma ‘eradication’ options. People are always eager to remove them, when they realise that they will keep getting bigger over time.

They aren’t painful in the sense that yes, they will over time deform the eyelid region, but as there is no nerve endings in the plaques, then any pain or irritation, will come from the deformation of the eyelids structure.

As xanthelasma is located immediately around the eyes, on the upper and lower eyelids, which are the focal point of the face, it’s easy to see why some people opt for a way to treat and remove them at home. With dermatologists expecting large fees just to look over the xanthelasma, yet alone treat them, the best option is finding an inexpensive way to remove them, and this article will help you do exactly that.

We’ll begin by looking at some of the many methods for removing xanthelasma from the home, and we’ll see if this can be done naturally initially.


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Is Xanthelasma Home Removal Possible With The Use Of Natural Remedies.


Castor Oil, or Garlic are the only two natural options that have been offered and suggested for the possible eradication of xanthelasma from the home.

They will help with slowing, if not stopping the expansion of the plaques, they will not remove the plaques themselves.  Let’s us explain and we will start with garlic.


If Garlic is taken as a dietary supplement in tablet form, garlic has some positive effects on xanthelasma. The potential of natural garlic to lower cholesterol levels over time is the most important factor. Xanthelasma is caused by a build-up of cholesterol in the skin cells, therefore anything that helps you reduce your cholesterol levels is a good thing. The common golden colour seen in xanthelasma, comes from this.

The spread of xanthelasma plaques can be halted with the use of garlic supplements in the privacy of your own home.  Okay it will take a lot of time but should help and with the common health benefits associated with garlic supplements, taking these everyday is going to ward off colds and common seasonal ailments as well.


Some individuals have knocked around the idea that pressing on raw, fresh garlic, (which has a moderate acidic tendency), might eventually wear through the skin layers and reach a depth deep enough to start burning away the xanthelasma.

Wearing your skin layers off may lead to a variety of additional problems, including infections and other skin problems, and while a xanthelasma plaque may appear to be only on your skin’s surface, it can actually be much deeper than you think. The ‘root’ of the cholesterol that is leaking into the region is nourished by your bloodstream. In other words, the xanthelasma is far deeper than you believe, and trying to get rid of it by melting off your skin would just make things worse.


Controlling your cholesterol levels by using castor oil supplements has similar benefits with regards to controlling your cholesterol levels, as Garlic. When oit comes to castor oil though, just be aware it includes triglycerides, which is one of the ingredients in the xanthelasma plaque itself, so overdoing it with castor oil supplements can add to the problem and not fix it.  So, instead of overdoing it, rely on castor oil’s built-in ability to keep plaque under control, when taken as recommended. However long you take natural supplements for to control your cholesterol and health, they will not be of any use in removing xanthelasma at home.


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Xanthelasma Removal At Home With Homoeopathic Treatments.


Whilst homeopathy can be very beneficial for individuals, we will get straight to the crux of the matter when it comes to xanthelasma removal at home and point out that homeopathic remedies for xanthelasma will not work in removing your plaque and we don’t want to give you false optimism.

There is some good news though, using homoeopathic xanthelasma remedies, in the same way as garlic and castor oil supplements, may help manage and reduce your cholesterol levels, which is one of the main contributors in the spread of xanthelasma plaques.

If you’re interested in learning more about homoeopathic xanthelasma remedies, check out this article: Homeopathic xanthelasma remedies.

The article explains homoeopathy and xanthelasma in further detail.


In a nutshell: Baryta Muriatica.

Slowly removes plaque build-up from the artery walls in a homoeopathic approach, which in turn may ideally descale the blood vessels feeding the xanthelasma plaques in time.

  • Allium Sativa sativum

It is often used by persons with a high body mass index, and it aids them in regulating their sugar consumption. Controlling the glycolic spiking, which causes excess fats to be stored within the body.

  • Cholesterinum.

Cholesterol lowering is the goal of this drug’s use. Whilst doctor prescribed cholesterol lowering statins will always have a much better impact on controlling your cholesterol levels, Cholesterinum will help to lower cholesterol levels in the body over time, which in turn should delay the growth and proliferation of the xanthelasma-forming skin cells.


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A Plasma Pen For Xanthelasma Removal At Home


When it comes to treating xanthelasma at home, the internet offers a lot of wild ideas. Buying a cheap plasma pen, or even an expensive one, from the internet, for xanthelasma removal at home, is one of them. An electrical spark fired at the surface of your xanthelasma accomplishes a few things, none of them positive. Initially, it will be painful.

Imagine getting an electric shock to the delicate part of your eyelid, okay a zap from a electrical appliance or the likes, we have all experienced at one stage, but on your soft delicate eyelid? Not even the whole plaque would get treated, but the very little region where the spark comes into contact, scorching the skin and vaporising cells. Watching smoke coming off your scorched eyelid, would be the least of your worries, sitting there enduring ongoing painful zaps to try and remove the plaques, to only find the plaque will still be there and even get a lot worse.

As the region heals, new xanthelasma plaques form, making them even more difficult to remove. Adding insult to injury, the skin cells carry the electrical spark, creating intense agony as it descends into deeper layers of the skin.

You’ll have to cope with a burnt eyeball if you get a single spark in your eye. We beg you, please do not attempt xanthelasma eradication in this manner. It is neither mild nor effective.

Even if you strive to be as gentle as possible, you’ll still do more harm than good. As a matter of fact, the easiest way to sum it up is, you cannot control an electrical spark and no one likes begin zapped by electric.


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Xanthelasma Removal At Home Using Tca Acid ?


TCA, an industrial acid, was at one time offered as a possible home remedy for xanthelasma, on the Internet. This is very bad idea for obvious reasons. An industrial acid of any strength is unmanageable and uncontrollable. It doesn’t simply work on any dermal skin cells with high levels of cholesterol; it melts whatever it touches.

It’s a poor idea to remove the skin from your upper and lower eyelids by melting it off. The possible catastrophe if this got into your eyes as well, goes without saying.

Cholesterol engorged xanthelasma cells, will also be melted into healthy melted cells when the skin cells and cell walls are liquidated. People who have bravely tried this, have all noted that the xanthelasma has come back even more severe, than the initial plaque they treated in the first place.

It was also only after they had gone through the pain and dangers of getting to that point that they discovered that they had bright white scar tissue, where the chemical burn occurred in the area they were trying to subtly remove and the xanthelasma had formed on the surrounding area, but this time, deeper, more proliferation of the plaques and a more difficult to remove.

This industrial acid, which can strip rust off metal and other materials, will also dissolve most of your eyelid if used in a futile attempt to eliminate xanthelasma.


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Is There Not A Xanthelasma Tool To Just Scrape The Xanthelasma Off?


Xanthelasma cannot be pecked off, scraped off or squeezed like a big eyelid spot. Xanthelasma by its own definition comes from within your skin, going through multiple levels of your dermis to get to the raised visual position on the surface of your skin.  Any attempt at pecking, scraping and the sorts is going to achieve nothing.

Although it seems to be on the surface of the skin, xanthelasma really penetrates many layers of the dermis and is nourished by a ‘root’ that is embedded within a vein. In other words, unless you’ve decided to gouge out most of your skin’s dermal layers, going all the way through your eyelid, then pecking it off will accomplish nothing more than form scar tissue in the area.

Unless the root of the problem is addressed, any form of ‘weaponized’ assault on the plaque, will just induce scar tissue and make the plaque spread thought the layers of the skin, resulting in planar Xanthomas. Planar Xanthoma are much more difficult, if not impossible, to remove, depending on the depth of the scar tissue laden skin.


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What Is the Best Method for Xanthelasma Removal At Home?


Yes, taking on board what we have already covered above and the inherent dangers with some xanthelasma at home treatments, we formulated with our dermatological team, Xanthel ®

Without any risk of making things worse, our xanthelasma home removal cream is designed to remove your xanthelasma, leave no scar, and prevent it from returning, with only one simple treatment. It is very easy to use and does not cause any discomfort.

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