Can Xanthomas Disappear ?

Can Xanthomas Just Disappear ? And Other Xanthoma Related Questions Answered In the orbital region of the eyes, a skin condition known as xanthelasma can be seen manifesting itself on the surface of the skin. This illness, which can affect men and women of any age, is characterised by plaques that have a yellowish colour […]

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Xanthelasma Getting Bigger ?

Are Your Xanthelasma Getting Bigger ? The size of Xanthelasmas can vary drastically from person to person depending on their underlying medical conditions, and how long they have had the condition for. In some cases, however, these lesions may become larger over time if left untreated or if an underlying medical condition worsens. For instance,

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How Does Xanthelasma Start ?

How Does Xanthelasma Start? The exact cause of Xanthelasma is still unknown, but there are several theories regarding how it starts. The most widely accepted theory suggests that Xanthelasma begins when fatty plaque accumulates beneath the epidermis of the skin due to an increase in blood lipids, such as cholesterol, and triglycerides. This buildup causes

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Why Do I Have Xanthelasma ?

Xanthelasma Normal Cholesterol Recent research has found that there is no correlation between Xanthelasma, and overall cholesterol level. In other words, having normal cholesterol does not make someone any less likely to develop Xanthelasma than if they had higher than normal levels. Instead, it appears that genetics may play a role in who develops this

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How To Treat Xanthelasma

First Thing, Xanthelasma How To Stop? The first step in managing Xanthelasma is to identify any potential risk factors, and make changes to reduce them if possible. The most common cause of Xanthelasma is having elevated cholesterol levels, so it’s important to get tested for this condition, and work with your health care provider to

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How Can You Treat Xanthelasma ?

How Can You Treat Xanthelasma? The best way to treat Xanthelasma is with Xanthel Cream or Surgery.  Obviously surgery is a lot more invasive, but if the Xanthelasma is getting to appoint where it is threatening your eyesight, then surgery is an option to put on the table to help gain back function of the

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How Do You Get Xanthelasma ?

How Do You Get Xanthelasma? So how do you get Xanthelasma? Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer as the exact cause of this condition remains unknown. However, risk factors such as high cholesterol levels or certain types of family history have been associated with an increased likelihood of developing Xanthelasma. Additionally, some studies have suggested

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